PVGB offers outstanding mediation and arbitrator services for professional and private entities and affairs. From Business Negotiation to Team Building, Intercultural or Partnership Mediation.

Mediation isn’t limited to resolve a conflict quickly and to get back to business but moreover a bridge to facilitate exchange that leads to mutual growth.


Wether wholesale or retail, PVGB sales, markets and advertises your goods. From Art to Zebras, online and offline, national or international. You have a service or product that you want to be sold? PVGB offers unique and custom made solutions for businesses and individuals.


Supporting Leadership Decisions in the area of Group Dynamics, Business & Market Development, Webdevelopment, Media Consulting, Crowd psychology and Subliminal stimuli.


As citizen of the globe PVGB guides you offshore or onshore and is licensed to instruct you while sailing, skiing, reiki, hypnosis and hunting.

Philipp Bacher
Passion & Affection

Get to know PVGB

Inspired by historical figures like Charlemagne PVGB developed an own monogram and signum that contains the initials P (Philipp), V (Valerie’s), g (Gottfried) and B (Bacher). During the creation PVGB integrated the eastern philosophy of Shodo.

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Faible for Art
Antiques and Tribal Art

PVGB as connaisseur and collector of ethnographic art, or, controversially, primitive art values it as a pure medium and link to reconnect with the source of eurocentric artism. 

From Foodie to Gourmet

Agreeing on Epicurus philosophy and “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.” PVGB travels the world for latest trends in order to spice up the cuisine impromptue to haute cuisine.

Perpetual Traveler
Global Nomad exploring Earth

Falling in love with a planet and enjoying its richness by appreciating each corner of it. On a quest to discover original opportunities for reflexion.

Smart Ass

He does things intuitively right.

-Vladimir Georgis

The man for special operations

Never 9-5 Jobs but always walking the extra mile. High performance is seems standard with Phil.

-Elisabeth Wirming

Professional and creative!

Philipp is professional and incredible creative!

-Dean Scherman

Wave Riding


Alpine Ski


Recreational Sailing


Vision & Mission


After the initiation to egoless consciousness also known of the dead of the ego. PVGB was meditating about the existence of fate and destiny. About 6 months later, after exploring the Palm Leave Libraries in south east India PVGB discovered its existence.

The cycle of Life is the enduring rhythm of sleeping and creating, hiding and recognising. Then, suddenly awakening and recognising that it has been the oneness who created the MAYA and then forgetting that you are the oneness. In the phase of the the pure consciousness oneness can escape fate and play with it until one wakes up again and creates a new destiny. Each level of awakening creates a new Maya, a new illusion, until one is completely aware that one is illusion, time, space, oneness. Therefore, life is as real as a dream – a hypnosis, a scripted role-play. Thoughts are keeping one as hostage from awaking. Emotion is truth.